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  • How do I join your waiting list?
    Please contact us via Ins, FB, Email, or website and I will ask some questions about you and your family. We require a reservation deposit of $400.00 to be on our waiting list.
  • What is the cost of your kitten?
    Usually $2500-$3400, the price includes 3 doses of 4-way vaccines, 2 times deworming, vaccine record passport, pedigree, half month dry food, 3 cans, medication, free insurance for the first month, toys, spay/neuter, wellness report, and contract. Specific information:
  • Does your cattery's males offer stud services?
    Thank you for liking our cats, but we do not offer any stud services.
  • Can you place any cats with breeding rights?
    Yes, BUT we only trade or place my cats with breeding rights to people I know well, who are established Maine coon breeders with the same breeding philosophy and standards as we do. So, I will not place breeding rights to any pet family or people I don't know very well.
  • How many months old do kittens leave the cattery?
    They will leave at 4 months to 5 months and all kittens are vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered prior to leaving.
  • Does maine coon cat have a good personality?
    Yes, they are friendly and suitable for multi-cat family, or dog family.
  • Can Maine coon cats grow to 40lbs?
    No, this is not possible, adult neutered males may weigh up to 32lbs, but normal neutered males can weigh between 16 to 24lbs, and normal spayed females weigh between 12 to 20lbs.
  • Were the breeding cats screened for medical and health issues?
    Yes, all cats were tested for Pkdef, PKD, HCM1 2, SMA, and they had Echo done at the cardiologist, they were all normal and could be breeding cats. They had x-ray done at a nearby pet clinic to check the hip joint and they were all normal hip.
  • How soon can I get a kitten after joining your waiting list?
    Waiting times vary by color and by gender, but in general the lines are longer for boys and shorter for girls. Please ask me for a specific time
  • Is there any adoption contract?
    Yes, we have, you can ask me about the specifics of the contract.
  • Do you attend any cat shows?
    Yes, I go there often, a photo and videos of the cats we show.
  • What are the main colors you work with?
    Silver with white, it's our favorite color! But we also work with other colors such as shaded, Torbie, Red, Smoke, and Brown, these colors with or without white. We do not work with Polydactyl and DBE blue eyes!
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