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maine coon kittens for sale

Kittens Adoption Process

Discover the LMCooCat Adoption Process, our cattery's adoption process that opens the door to a lifetime with one of these adorable LMCooNCat Kittens. We are committed to providing warm, professional service so that each cat can find their forever family!

How do I adopt an LMCooNCat Maine Coon Kitten?


Follow the steps below:

You need to seriously consider whether you are ready to add a new member in the future? What kind of cat suits your lifestyle, whether it's a boy, a girl, or a retired cat? And also consider when you are ready to welcome new members, whether to choose available cats or join the waitlist for kittens from LMCooNCat.


Check our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale Page, to see if there are girls, boys or retired cats that suits your requirements and expectations. If you choose to join our waiting list, click the link above to see if we still have a wait list this year or next year, or click here to check our breeding plans. This is to better meet your needs.


After you and your familys have confirmed your choice, you need to pay a 30% deposit, which will ensure that you can hold the available kittens or retired cat, or pay $400 to join the waiting list so that we can reserve for you when there is a suitable cat. We only accept Zelle or bank transfers to our Business account for this amount.

During the waiting period, we will provide you with videos and photos of the kittens every two weeks so that you can witness their growth process with your eyes.


 When the kitten is 15 weeks old and about to undergo Neuter/Spay surgery in a week, you need to pay the remaining amount and sign the relevant contract. (Or you can choose to pay cash when you pick up the kitten) You also need to tell us how you want to pick up the kitten or Cat. You can choose to pick it up yourself or choose white glove transportation service(Pet Nanny).

They will complete a Wellness Exam both before and after the surgery. All kittens need 3 days to recover after surgery, going to your home to ensure their health and happiness. We will provide you with all necessary information and support to ensure a smooth integration between you and the new member.

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Additional costs (will be added if needed and will be borne by the customer)

Nanny's air delivery service: Major airports within the United States: $500-600

For those who live outside of California, we are sorry, we do not accept cargos, we only accept customers to pick up the kitten in person at Ontario Airport, in which case you need to purchase your own ticket and prepare the soft carrier. After picking up the kitten, we will drop you off at the airport. If you don't have time to pick up your kitten, we now only accept cats delivered by pet Nanny's air delivery service to an airport near your home, shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and will be borne by the customer.

You can pick up your cat after the veterinarian's health report is issued, and you can come to my doorstep to meet me. Because of COVID-19 and to prevent feline viruses, you can't enter my home when picking up cats, for the safe of my family and my cats.

Rabies vaccination: $45. Depending on where the cat is going, rabies may or may not be required before leaving the cattery. We do not vaccinate our cattery kittens for rabies unless it is necessary (rabies vaccine is not necessary for cats, has a chance of causing allergies, and through expert research, rabies vaccine is most likely the true culprit of sarcoma), guests can ask their own veterinarian to give their cat rabies upon receipt, and are responsible for any consequences.


Boarding fee: $6 per day

If the cat is not picked up or sent to a new home within 15 days after neutered/spayed, we will charge $5 per day for additional days of boarding.


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