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Maine coon breeder of Los Angeles


This page is about our former show cats and current show cats, meet them! Maybe you'll see them at a cat show.

About Cat Shows

What Is Cat Show? Why Are They Important?


Cat shows are more than just a competition, they are a platform to promote the maintenance of purity in the cat breed. It is a place where we can not only interact with other similar breeders, but also benefit from the feedback of professional judges to further improve their breed characteristics and appearance, and to pass on this performance.

Cat shows provide an invaluable opportunity for our cats and us to integrate into a friendly community of cat fans, meet other cat lovers and share experiences and knowledge. In addition, it is a unique way to showcase our cattery and let more people know about our philosophy and work in cat ownership.

Participating in cat show competitions is not only for the honor, but also to promote the preservation and improvement of the breed. This process not only promotes a strong bond between us and our cats, but also helps to ensure that the genetic characteristics of the breed are passed on, without cat shows there would be no purebred cats without associations, and cat shows are so that future generations will also be able to appreciate and enjoy the characteristics of this beautiful breed. The catteries that choose to compete in cat shows do so in order to join with other cat fanciers who are committed to the maintenance and development of the pure breed of cats, as well as to allow the cats to shine in the light of day.

Maine Coon Kittens for sale

In the 2023-2024 TICA season. We are pleased to announce that

LMCooNCat Silver Lining

is this year's

International Winner

as the Top19 of Over 2000 kittens!

Learn about CFA and TICA Maine Coon's standards

Maine coon kittens for sale California

Say hello to our first show cat!

RW CH LMCooNCat B' My First Dream Lucy

Maine coon kittens for sale California

Lucy was our first show cat and our first Keeper, she was shown as a kitten, unfortunately she did not have any offspring and is retired now, very clingy and gutsy girl.........

Our Current Showing Cats

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