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Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Welcome to LMCooNCat
Maine Coons  Cattery

Registered With CFA & TICA

Maine Coon Kittens

        Hello!  We serve all of California, including Southern California - Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Riverside, Orange, and Northern California - San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Davis, and even Arizona, Nevada.  When you are out of state and have no way to pick up your kitten, we can fly with the kitten or provide a white glove Pet nanny service to an airport near you!

Our kittens live happily in the cattery.

LMCoonCat is a top Maine Coon breeder in California. We breed top and high-quality Maine coon kittens for sale. Our Maine Coons’ health is always our top priority. We breed healthy, affectionate Maine Coon kittens that meet the standards set by TICA and CFA associations. 

We are a family living in Riverside, California, USA. LMCooNCat is registered with CFA at the 2019 and with TICA at 2021, we are California Maine coon breeder, and we only breed Maine Coons, our breeding cats come from serious breeders in Japan, USA, Poland, Russia and Italy. we chose to breed Maine Coons because we love their size and style, we are very fond of large animals and Maine Coons fulfill all our fantasies, we love this breed.

We test all of our breeding cats for DNA, Echocardiogram, and x-ray for hips to ensure our cats and kittens are healthy, but this is not a 100% guarantee that all kittens are healthy, so our contract is written to compensate for the occurrence of Respiratory diseases, DNA, HCM, hip dysplasia, cancer, tumors, Fip, and unexplained death, we strive to discipline ourselves and we will do our best for the health of our kittens.

The health of our kittens is always our first priority. We exclusively breed Maine Coons.

We strive to breed the best animals, educate their new owners, and ensure that these precious animals receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. Contact us to learn more about our approach and philosophy. You can click here to check Adopt a  Maine coon kittens......

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Why Choose LMCooNCat?

LMCooNCat Cattery Logo
I'm not sure if your final choice is LMCooNCat Kittens, but if you end up deciding it's us to be the breeder of your future family, I'm sure you'll have a different and lifelong experience.
  • All kittens live with us

  • Health certificate

  • Pedigree certificate

  • Professional kitten photos

  • All fixed and vaccinated

  • Outgoing and clingy kitten

  • Professional Expertise

  • For some health guaranteed for life

  • Socialization Training

  • Complete Homecoming Box

 Our cats are carefully selected and well-cared for to ensure they possess outstanding breed characteristics and exceptional personalities. Moreover, our cat-rearing environment is meticulously maintained to ensure they grow in a warm, clean, and loving setting. Whether you're looking for a new family member or a cute companion, our LMCoonCat Maine Coon cats are the perfect choice.

maine coon breeder in california
Maine Coon kittens for sale

We only breed maine coon kittens with good character, health and high quality. Our kittens live with us and will stay with us for 3.5 months, this time is crucial for them to learn, they will learn how to socialize. They all live in an indoor environment and are not caged. We are like the ship that brings them to you and you will be a harbor for these kittens.

Maine Coons Health

maine coon kittens for sale

All of our cats are tested for HCM(MYBPC gene), PKDef and SMA genes prior to breeding. Pkdef can only cause disease in homozygous, but my goal is to have 100% of my cattery's breeding cats not carry or have Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKDef). So only our breeding cats will be bred if they are double negative in all three tests. Test reports are provided by The Cat Fanciers' Association DNA Test (CFA, Neogen) Or Optimal Selection.

Hip dysplasia and HCM are relatively rare genetic disorders in cats, and there is no authoritative laboratory that can provide genetic testing for hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia and cardiomegaly involve multiple genes, so we cannot accurately determine whether a kitten carries the causative gene or develops the disease. However, according to available research data, if the parents have NOMAL hip and heart, the offspring will have a much lower chance of having hip dysplasia and HCM.

All of our breeding cats will have an x-ray check of the hip joint, an echocardiogram once every 24-30 months for females and once every 13-18 months for males. To ensure we bring you a healthy family member.

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