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We are Riverside

               Maine coon Cats Breeder

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Hello! We are a family living in Riverside, California, USA. LMCooNcat is registered with CFA at the end of 2019 and with TICA at the end of 2021, we only breed Maine Coons, Our breeding cats come from serious breeders in Japan, Poland, Russia and Italy. we chose to breed Maine Coons because we love their size and style, we are very fond of large animals and Maine Coons fulfill all our fantasies, we love this breed.

We love all types of Maine Coons, sweet or wild, old or modern, as long as the facial structure is not overly exaggerated. We focus on, in our breeding process, large, tall ears, delicate features, large and oval eyes, the pursuit of strong bodies, shiny coats, and good health. We are always in communication and cooperation with excellent breeders all over the world to blend more advantages and create more perfect kittens that meet the standards.


We strive to breed the best animals, educate their new owners, and ensure that these precious animals receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. Contact us to learn more about our approach and philosophy.



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How do we socialize our kittens?

1. Spend time with kittens every day to help them adapt to people and other animals.
2. Gradually introduce kittens to new people, toys and environments in a patient manner.
3. Provide kittens with appropriate play items, such as tunnels, scratching posts and toys.
4. Ensure kittens have enough opportunities to play and explore.
5. Allow kittens to interact with other cats and animals in a safe and controlled environment.
6. Use this video to adapt kittens to noise.

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If you have some questions for us, you can take a look at our FAQs first, and if the answer is not satisfactory then send us a message, we are happy to answer :)

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