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Maine Coon Prices

Maine Coon Kitten Cost

On this page you can find out about our Maine Coon prices, what's included, and our services.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Each Maine Coon kitten is unique and valued in our program. We price them based on TICA and CFA standards, and my personal judgment.
We're committed to providing the best adoption experience, reflected in our pricing and health guarantee. 

Our goal is for every kitten to find a loving home. This is our pricing philosophy and commitment. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Maine Coon Kitten Price:

Pet quality (Not for breeding): few characters do not match the breed standard

Maine Coon kittens Price: $2750-$2950 (45% of our cats are in this price range. )


Show quality (Not for breeding): single or few character traits do not match the breed standard

Maine Coon Kittens Price: $3000-$3400 (55% of our cats are in this price range. )

(Black/Blue Silver/High Smoke) Shaded and Chinchilla (Not for breeding): fantastic color
Maine Coon Kittens Price: $3700 up
(Red/Cream Silver/High Smoke) Shaded and Shell (Not for breeding):
Maine Coon Kittens Price: $2900 up

Click here to see our Blog for questions about Shaded's pricing

The breeding rights of our cats are only given to catteries who are established Maine coon breeders with the same breeding philosophy and standards as we do. I only place a very small number of cats for breeding each year or for several years, mainly for trade. Before I choose to give you breeding rights, we need to communicate and get to know you over time. Under no circumstances will I place any pet quality cats for breeding and showing.


I want my cats' excellent offspring to carry the name of my cattery to serious friends' catteries around the world to continue the achievements and feats of my boys and girls, and if you want a cat from me, I want us to be friends before or after that, not buyers or sellers.

LMCooNCat Cattery will always have the right of first choice to select a cat to stay at the cattery (except for cats that have been selected and have paid the full deposit).

Included in the price of the LMCooNCat kitten:

1 Up To A Lifetime Guarantee of Genetic Health

LMCooNCat Cattery is pleased to offer what can be considered the greatest health guarantee among all catteries. Our precious kittens are guaranteed against infectious diseases and fungal infections for 7 days after they go home, and we also provide a one-month FIP guarantee for all Maine Coon kittens. Moreover, we will ensure that our kittens will be DNA negative for HCM, SMA, PkDef, and PKD, four genetic diseases known to affect the Maine Coon breed, for the rest of their lives. If they test positive, we will refund all fees or replace them with a new kitten. If the heart ultrasound results show any hypertrophic cardiomyopathy issues, we also offer compensation for 5 years. Finally, we also provide a guarantee for hip dysplasia, a common disease in Maine Coons.

2 Professional Veterinary Exam and Wellness Exam Report

Our Maine coon kittens at LMCooNCat are different from those bred by backyard breeders, kitten mills, and those seeking to cut costs for maximum profit. All of our kittens undergo checks by a professional licensed veterinarian. Each of our kittens undergoes at least two comprehensive health checks before they are going to their new homes. After the kittens are neutered, we provide a health certificate signed by a veterinarian to give you peace of mind.

3 Completed Vaccinations Dewormer, Microchip & Spay/Neuter

Our kittens will have completed 2 vaccinations and 2 times dewormer and a microchip before going home, the first at 8 weeks and the second at 11 weeks old, then the kittens will be spayed or neutered at 13-14 weeks old. You don't need to worry about any vaccinations or spaying or neutering when the kitten goes to your home.

4 Maine Coon Kitten TICA&CFA Certificate

We enter cat shows every month and we even got our first international winner in 2024 - LMCooNCat Silver Lining, who was the TICA TOP 19 kitten of 2024. All of our kittens are guaranteed to be purebred Maine Coon cats with accurate pedigrees and are eligible for registration with either the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) or The International Cat Association (TICA).

5 Professional Photography & Frequent Kitten Photo Updates

We will provide professional photography when the kittens are 2 months old, so you can still see their adorable appearance as they grow up. While the kittens are growing up in our home, we will frequently update their photos, allowing you to keep track of the growth and lively cuteness of our kittens at LMCooNCat.

6 Free 30 days Trupanion Health Insurance

We give the first month of Trupanion insurance free with every kitten going to new home, and they have a strong health policy that includes Hip Dysplasia, and FIP, which most insurances don't cover. There is no cost to you, and you are under no obligation to keep it after 30 days.

7 Grooming And Nail Clipping Training

We provide grooming and nail clipping training for the kittens, so they are accustomed to it when you bring them home. This ensures a smooth transition for both the kittens and their new families, making the adoption process easier and more enjoyable. 

8 Breeder's Gift Packages for New Pet Families

The breeder provides a special package to families welcoming a new pet. These gift packages include half a month’s worth of dry food, 3 wet foods, some catnip toys, some medications for diarrhea and colds, adorable kitten passport (Vaccination records) and care guides among other necessities, to help new pet families start their life with their new pet. 

9 Bringing Kitten TO Meet You At ONT Airport

If you live out of state and will be planning to pick up by yourself or get pet nanny to bring the kitten to your home, we will drive the kitten to the ONT airport for free. Also works for pet buyers who live farther away, we will drive 30miles to meet you!

10 Lifetime Cat Consultation and Q&As

The breeder is available to answer any questions and provide guidance on cat care, behavior, and health. When you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask.

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