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Our Kittens Pricing & Info

The wait list fee of $400 is non-refundable once paid, unless no kitten of the selected color is given the right to choose. Payment of the waiting list fee does not mean that a kitten has been selected. wait list fee will be applied as part of the full kitten payment.

If you does not select a preferred kitten, the waiting list fee can be deferred to a future kitten and only applies to kittens of the same color, if a different color kitten is desired a new queue will be required.

Choose your favorite kitten at 1.5 to 2.5 months and pay 30% of the full price after choosing, the kitten will be spayed and neuter at 4 months, you need to pay the balance one week before Neutered/spayed. And pick up the kitten 1 to 2 weeks after Neutered/spayed.

Why not refund the deposit?

Because having a cat means that you will be together for almost 20 years, and by putting down a deposit you are proving that you have considered her/him to be your family member.

We determine prices based strictly on TICA and CFA breed standards and my personal judgment. 

CFA and Tica Maine Coon Breed standards


Pet quality A (Not for breeding): several characteristics do not match the breed standard
Price: $2300-$2700 (15% of our cats are in this price range. )

Pet quality B (Not for breeding): few characters do not match the breed standard

Price: $2750-$2950 (70% of our cats are in this price range. )


Show quality (Not for breeding): single or few character traits do not match the breed standard

Price: $3000-$3500 (15% of our cats are in this price range. )

(Black/Blue Silver/High Smoke) Shaded and Chinchilla (Not for breeding): fantastic color
Price: $3300 up
(Red/Cream Silver/High Smoke) Shaded and Shell (Not for breeding):
Price: $2500 up
(The price range is for all qualities.)

Maine coon smoke color many years ago produced a new color, it has Wide-Band, but it does not have agouti. because no association has a study on this color, we call it high smoke or smoke carry shaded.

The breeding rights of our cats are only given to catteries who are established Maine coon breeders with the same breeding philosophy and standards as we do. I only place a very small number of cats for breeding each year or for several years, mainly for trade. Before I choose to give you breeding rights, we need to communicate and get to know you over time. Under no circumstances will I place any pet quality cats for breeding and showing.


I want my cats' excellent offspring to carry the name of my cattery to serious friends' catteries around the world to continue the achievements and feats of my boys and girls, and if you want a cat from me, I want us to be friends before or after that, not buyers or sellers.

LMCooNCat Cattery will always have the right of first choice to select a cat to stay at the cattery (except for cats that have been selected and have paid the full deposit).

The above prices include:

  1. Kittens

  2. Kitten passport (Vaccination records)

  3. DNA test report of kitten's parents, HCM and HD test report

  4. Pedigree of kitten parents

  5. Kittens will be Spay/Neuter, no exceptions (price Including Spay/Neuter fee)

  6. Kittens will have a Wellness exam at a professional veterinary hospital before leaving

  7. Kitten food (canned and dry food)

  8. FVRCP*2 or 3 time

  9. 2-time Bayer Dewormer for Tapeworms for Cats,

  10. 1 time Frontline plus for cats

  11. twice professional photoshoot (2 months and 4 months) 

  12. Cat purchase contract 

  13. Cat Certificate(CFA or Tica)

  14. Breeder's gift package (cat toys, etc.)

  15. Cat medicine (diarrhea, tears, cold, inflammation and other minor diseases medicine)

  16. Lifetime cat consultation and Q&A


Prices do not include air delivery fees

Additional costs (will be added if needed and will be borne by the customer)

Nanny's air delivery service: Major airports within the United States: $500-600

For those who live outside of California, we are sorry, we do not accept cargos, we only accept customers to pick up the kitten in person at Ontario Airport, in which case you need to purchase your own ticket and prepare the kitten package. After picking up the kitten, we will drop you off at the airport. If you don't have time to pick up your kitten, we now only accept cats delivered by pet Nanny's air delivery service to an airport near your home, shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and will be borne by the customer.

You can pick up your cat after the veterinarian's health report is issued, and you can come to my doorstep to meet me. Because of COVID-19 and to prevent feline viruses, you can't enter my home when picking up cats, for the safe of my family and my cats. For those who live in and around California, if you don't have time to pick up your cat, the cat delivery fee is $100 near Los Angeles, $100-$300 near San Francisco, $200-$400 near Oregon, $200-$500 near Washington.

You are prepared to pick up the cat in person, please bring a cat kit, we can buy it for you.


Rabies vaccination: $40. Depending on where the cat is going, rabies may or may not be required before leaving the cattery. We do not vaccinate our cattery kittens for rabies unless it is necessary (rabies vaccine is not necessary for cats, has a chance of causing allergies, and through expert research, rabies vaccine is most likely the true culprit of sarcoma), guests can ask their own veterinarian to give their cat rabies upon receipt, and are responsible for any consequences.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection: $80

Some states require a veterinary inspection certificate for animal importation, you need to check the information yourself and let me know as soon as possible so that you can start preparing the documents early.

Boarding fee: $5 per day

If the cat is not picked up or sent to a new home within 15 days after neutered/spayed, we will charge $5 per day for additional days of boarding.

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