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All of our cats will be tested for HCM, PKDef and SMA genes before they are bred, and will only be bred if all three tests are double negative. Test reports are provided by The Cat Fanciers' Association DNA Test (CFA, Neogen).
Hip dysplasia and cardiomegaly are relatively rare genetic disorders in cats, and there is no authoritative laboratory that can provide genetic testing for hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia and cardiomegaly involve multiple genes, so we cannot accurately determine whether a kitten carries the causative gene or develops the disease. However, according to available research data, if the parents have normal hip and heart joints, the offspring will have a much lower chance of having hip dysplasia and cardiomegaly. We regularly check the hip and heart health(E
chocardiogram and X-ray) of all our breeding cats to ensure that we bring healthy family members to you.

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    What dry food do we feed them?    

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This is the food of our Kittens kings and queens, we will mix it with other dry food for them, we do not like to feed only one kind of dry food, for them the food is monotonous and not very complete nutrition.

What else do we feed besides dry food?

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We make raw meat for them, but we don't give them a lot and generally feed them cooked meat. We are afraid that raw meat will have bacteria, 

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We will make cooked meat for them, which will have beef, chicken, egg yolk, carrot, chicken liver, beef heart, and rabbit.

Canned food, we do not have a fixed brand, most of the time is Royal Canin and Tiki Cat

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